Founder of WLM. English/Critical Theory & Politics graduate. Currently a political advisor. Lover of big words, and most things controversial. Leftie. Imagination caught by international politics, music, media, knitting, photography, cycling and sport amongst numerous other exciting, shiny or colourful things. My personal website is over at liannedemello.com, my photography at deviantArt and Flickr, as well as 24hr rolling ramblage on Twitter.

N.B. Apart from my own pieces, I merely do the day-to-day running of the site. Everyone else’s writing and opinions are their own.


PhD student, sent a bit funny by travels abroad. Following the words of my dear grandmother: “He came back badly wired”. For more information and a helpful leaflet visit: http://allpoetry.com/Saint%20Jai available in braile and large print on request.

Interests: poetry/writing/art, (pop) culture, the gayz and their ways, hispanolusobrazilialatinamericanics, etc. etc. etc.


Middle Eastern studies graduate, special interest (read: complete obssession) in Israel/Palestine and conflict resolution. Would like to work in the field in the coming years, and currently working in Izmit, Turkey teaching English. Our very own correspondent!


After gaining a deep understanding of British society through my education at Eton, then Brasenose College, Oxford, I’ve decided to get involved in wider political discussions from the confines of my Berkshire home – with the hope of becoming Prime Minister one day. Other interests include; satire, environmental issues, religions, poetry, rooibus tea, sometimes architecture, and cartoons!

My about.me profile is here, and my cartoon/satire website over at Devine Comedy.


A PhD research student in the department of English at the University of Sussex, I am currently working on the interaction between the novels of Thomas Pynchon and various strands of twentieth-century philosophical
thought (Derrida, Foucault and Wittgenstein).

More generally, my academic interests include theories of aesthetics (Adorno, Benjamin, Lukacs) and the history of the formalist movement; the works of Samuel Beckett, Don DeLillo, David Grossman, Georges Perec and W.G. Sebald;
experimental theatre including performance art and practice-based research.

I am also a computer programmer holding an MCP in the C# .NET Framework. My work in this field has centred around web-application security, the automation of data mining and as a network engineer for the UK Xbox tour team.

My website is at www.martineve.com.


Geography/Sustainability/Development graduate, currently working at a sustainability advocacy organisation. Veggie, leftie, hippie (at heart at least…). Interested in all sustainable development, environmental and humanitarian issues, among wider current affairs. Likes: trips to the cinema, curling up with a good book, travelling, (fairtrade) chocolate.


Unfortunately has entered the world of full time work, but still harbours for days procastination and occasional studying. Currently working for a foreign embassy in London. Background in law and political economy.

Hoping one day to become a professional sports star, in any sport!


I’m a scientist by training but currently getting my hands dirty as an engineer. I try to read widely but my main interests are science, economics, politics, past civilisations, military history and atheism.

Politically I’m a pragmatic liberal but mainly I’m a rationalist who tries to put facts before my gut instincts.