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What we’re about

We Left Marks is an outlet for a group of us – all twenty-something graduates from a range of disciplines – to pitch our ideas and opinions on whatever takes our fancy.

We all have hugely varying criteria for issues that spark us off, which in our minds is what makes it all the more interesting as we learn from each other. They range from the academically-dense to the whimsical, serious to satirical.

More often than not we disagree with each other. Opinions that are published aren’t always shared by us all, but are there to spark debate.

Current affairs affects us all in different ways, and often our most personal experiences could not be conveyed through the restrictive parameters of academic essays. We’re all pretty busy nowadays with study and work, but we try to update at least once a week. Sign up to our RSS feed if you want to be kept up to date.

The name

The name, if anyone is interested, was the result of a mercurial brainstorming session in a former-music-hall-come-watering-hole, accompanied by some 6.6% ABV abbey beer. Thus we cannot be held responsible for the crude simplicity of it – blame those pesky Belgians.

The two rationalisations are:

a) The Pun: We are all varying degrees of left-leaning and progressive.

b) The Obvious: We are building up portfolios/catalogues/collections of our thoughts, and putting them on the public domain, thus literally leaving our individual marks.


So, please leave us comments on our posts – good, controversial, or bad – and even if only to say that you enjoyed reading our pieces. It’s far nicer and more productive than merely having a faceless anonymous visitor show up on our stats!

Also, a lot of work has usually gone into researching and writing each piece, and whilst we recognise the wonderful opportunities for the free spread of information that the internet offers, we’d like some recognition. Should anyone want to cite us in essays/blogs (maybe wishful thinking), we’d be over the moon, if for nothing else than to know that others think our ideas useful.


Oour words and thoughts are our own, and not representative of our employers, organisations or faculties.

Thanks for your time.