“First there was a bad man, then there was another bad man, now we have Tony Blair.”

So says ‘Tony 2012‘, the new documentary which is taking the internet by storm since its sudden release one month ago.

The film, which charts the crimes of British-born warlord Tony Blair and his radical New Labour Party (NLP), is the brainchild of the Ugandan charity ‘Invisible Adults’ which seeks to help adults who have been hurt by the evil activities of the NLP.

Although the NLP claims to be fighting for ‘equality’ and ‘democracy’, Tony 2012 shockingly reveals how Tony employed spin and propaganda to recruit unwitting adults to his ranks, before collaborating with fellow warlord ‘George Bush’ to brush aside democracy and launch aggressive attacks on the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since the attacks began, over 70,000 people have been killed in Afghanistan, while some sources have estimate that over 1 million people have been lost in Iraq. Invisible Adults are now working in these countries to help the innocent citizens rebuild their shattered lives, but as Tony 2012 warns, Tony could strike again unless he is not arrested.

The documentary follows the efforts of the Invisible Adult activists as they encourage African leaders to pledge their support for the international arrest of Mr Blair – even asking for them to commit to a military invasion of the UK, where Mr Blair is believed to be hiding.

Despite this claim, many Britons are outraged at the film, saying it ‘over-simplifies’ the situtation, with many saying the NLP troubles petered out years ago.

One angry Briton exclaimed, “Blair hasn’t been seen in this country for over 5 years! Try looking in Brussels for him instead. The real intention behind this called-for invasion is to capture our oil reserves and our fine mineral water.”

Nevertheless, the people of Uganda and other developing countries have been showing their avid support for Tony 2012 by posting the film on their Facebook walls and buying the Invisible AdultsAction Packs‘ which contain a ‘Tony Blair dart-board’ and spray cans to randomly grafitti Tony’s face everywhere.

One excited activist, a Mr Joseph Kony said, “Geez, I thought I was a bad person, but being involved in the death of over 1 million people is another level… Tony is truly Satan!”

Celebrities have also flocked to prove they are not completely shallow by endorsing Tony 2012. One celebrity, Hollywood actor Karl Wethers said, “I’ve been campaigning against Tony since the 1990s. Frosties just haven’t been the same since then.”

To find out more about the crimes of Tony, please click here. To support the Tony 2012 campaign please click here. To change the world, please click here.*

*Warning: it may also involve a long-term, life changing commitment.

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