Written for the Justin Campaign, an international campaign to eliminate homophobia from football named after Justin Fashanu, the only football player ever to ‘come out’.

On Sunday I was down at my local pub watching the Liverpool game against Chelsea – the first match I’ve managed to catch since the season began. An excellent result for a suffering Reds fan, but something else troubled me about the afternoon.

Part way through the match I became aware of two kids sitting behind me. The oldest couldn’t have been more than ten, but they both were well-versed in all the usual match rituals – bravado, tribalism and noisiness.

Table Football, by Jonboy Mitchell / Flickr

Among the shrill cries of ‘Go on Drog!’ and ‘we’re gonna get you!”, something really threw me off-kilter…

For more, head over to the post at the campaign blog.

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