As citizens demanding political fairness continue their peaceful encampment in the Forum Londinium, the white-haired Roman ruler, Boris Superbus ‘the Proud’, is preparing a law which would make Draco the Athenian seem lenient. The protesters – who are frustrated with continuous abuses of power, are exercising ‘people-power‘ in the hope of provoking political justice.

Superbus’s new law – which would be enforced via phalanxes of Legions – will make the mere presence of a commoner in the Forum ‘illegal’. Superbus stated that the law was needed as the encampment was ‘getting in the piffling way’, and ‘ruining the backdrop’ for his regular state portraits.

However, Senator Maximus Benn has defended the ‘democracy village’, labelling it as ‘just’ and the ‘politics of the future’. Superbus is already facing dark mutterings over his many ‘vanity projects’ – particularly his frivolous double-decker chariot scheme. Many believe that Boris’s ongoing decadent behaviour will provoke ‘people-power’ to oust him – either that, or the collapse of the Roman Empire.

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