On the back of the vengeful satisfaction my first complaint letter provided, here are excerpts from a second, this time in response to a whole wad of Halifax leaflets that arrived in the post for me this morning:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I’m writing to request that I am removed from your generic junk mailing list.

If you had put in ‘a little extra’ effort invading my privacy, you would have discovered that I am a recently-graduated student. Consequently not only am I educated enough to realise the imprudence of light-heartedly taking out credit cards, but also I am very aware of potential financial difficulties ahead, and do not wish to willingly exacerbate them further.

Incidentally, I believe that the consumer credit services that you ‘are pleased to be able to offer’ are amongst some of the most corrupting elements in contemporary society; particularly the way in which your marketing department knowingly mis-represent them as an innocent way to spend entirely beyond a person’s means.

I feel I must point out that if you as a company genuinely do care about the planet (a big assumption, I concede), the ideal situation would be not to knowingly use up energy and resources to create waste, only to spend more energy and resources on recycling it all again – two whole rounds of  pointless destructiveness.

I can only conclude that you as a company either use the symbol with deliberate sarcasm, or you naively don’t understand these simple manufacturing processes. Luckily, I’m quite the optimistic individual and I obligingly enclose your letter for you yourself to recycle (many thanks for your paid envelope for this purpose), and trust that you will adjust your policies accordingly.

Yours sincerely,

*exhalation of relief* That’s a good feeling…now just have to wait for a response…


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